The PASS Software Process Improvement Experiment in Hungary (EP 21223)

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Table of Contents

The PASS Software Process Improvement Experiment in Hungary (EP 21223)



Background Information

Capability Maturity Model

ISO 9001

The new features of process improvement

Involved companies and their roles

Expected business impact

Implementation of Process Improvement

Development of process models 1.

Development of process models 2.

Development of process models 3.

Structure of Measurement

Organizational structure

Technical environment

Internal dissemination

Results and Analysis

Phases of the experiment

Technical Implementation of Quality Scenario

Inspection and testing of software development 

Measurement of results 1. Measurement of development process control

Measurement of results 2. ISO 9001 Quality System for the organization

Measurement of results 3. Bootstrap attributes

Key Lessons

Bootstrap priorities

Technical environment

Extension of Bootstrap priorities

Impact of Defined Maturity Level on the introduction of ISO 9001 Quality System

Strengths and weaknesses of the experiment

Conclusions and Future Actions

Author: J. Ivanyos
MemoLuX (H)

Program Page: Workshop on SPI Highlights in Europe