Vikos gorge, Northern
            Greece, 2013 - Photo: J. Grego.

Zoltán Fehér

I was born in Budapest in 1969. I have graduated from the Eötvös University, Budapest in 1993 with an MSc degree in biology. In 1999, I was awarded a PhD degree from the Agricultural University, Gödöllő.

I am the Head of Zoology Department and at the same time, the Curator of the Mollusca Collection in the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

My research interest revolves around systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and conservation genetics of terrestrial and freshwater molluscs. Principally, I am interested in shallow-level evolutionary processes such as intraspecific divergences and taxonomic relationships of closely related species.
During the past two and a half decades I have participated in several zoological fieldtrips in Southern Europe and Western Asia with the main focus on the Balkan countries.

Current projects:

- Speciation in rock-dwelling land snails: Understanding the origin of diversity using Montenegrina as a model system – or shortly the Montenegrina project (FWF P 26581-B25). Eventually, our aim is to gain insight into the speciation of obligate rock-dwelling gastropods in general by learning more about those factors and processes that contribute to the development and maintanence of the fascinating diversity in this animal group. The system of Montenegrina was revised on the basis of shell morphology in 2016. In a recently published paper we demonstrated by co-occurrence analysis a primary role of non-adaptive processes in the speciation of Montenegrina and other obligate rock-dwelling snails. There is still a lot of work to do with the molecular phylogeny, biogeography and the genital character evolution in this genus
- I continue to participate in the long-term Balkan research project of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (here you can find more details on the project, recently published zoological, botanical and paleobotanical papers, a list of described taxa, as well as lists of sampling sites of our field trips)
- Between 2014 and 2017 I worked in the Natural History Museum Vienna, and I still cooperate closely with their Alpine Land Snails Working Group.
- As a member of the IUCN Mollusc Specialist Workgroup, I am involved in the Red List assessment of European terrestrial and freshwater molluscs.
- I am a contributor of AnimalBase and advisory board member of Folia Malacologica and Ecologica Montenegrina journals.