Vikos gorge, Northern
            Greece, 2013 - Photo: J. Grego.

Zoltán Fehér

I was born in Budapest in 1969. I have graduated from the Eötvös University, Budapest in 1993 with an MSc degree in biology. In 1999, I was awarded a PhD degree from the Agricultural University, Gödöllő.

I was the Curator of the Mollusca Collection of the Hungarian Natural History Museum between 1998 and 2014. Currently I am working in the Natural History Museum in Vienna as a research scientist on an FWF funded project.

My research interest revolves around systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and conservation genetics of terrestrial and freshwater molluscs. Principally, I am interested in shallow-level evolutionary processes such as intraspecific divergences and taxonomic relationships of closely related species.
During the past more than two decades I have participated in several zoological fieldtrips in Southern Europe and Western Asia with the main focus on the Balkan countries.

Current projects:

- Speciation in rock-dwelling land snails: Understanding the origin of diversity using Montenegrina as a model system – or shortly the Montenegrina project (FWF P 26581-B25). The system of this genus needs to be revised first, and then we are going to investigate its biogeography, character evolution and niche divergence on a strong molecular phylogenetic basis. Eventually, our aim is to gain insight into the speciation of obligate rock-dwelling gastropods in general by learning more about those factors and processes that contribute to the development and maintanence of the fascinating diversity in this animal group.
- I continue to participate in the long-term Balkan research project of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (here you can find more details on the project, recently published zoological, botanical and paleobotanical papers, a list of described taxa, as well as lists of sampling sites of our fieldtrips)
- As a member of the IUCN Mollusc Specialist Workgroup, I am involved in the Red List assessment of European terrestrial and freshwater molluscs.
- I am a contributor of AnimalBase and a member of the Freshwater Mollusc Team of the FREDIE project.