Zsuzsanna Kondor


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 Works online:

"Representations and Cognitive Evolution: Towards an Anthropology of Pictorial Representation" (2013)
"World Picture and Beyond Representation Revisited" (2011)
"Perception and Depiction in the Light of Embodiment" (2010)
"Beyond Virtuality: Movement, Images, and Text" (2009)
"The Verbal and the Sensual Mind On the Continuity of Cognitive Processes" (2009)
"Beyond Mental Representation: Dualism Revisited" (2009)
"Analytic Philosophy and Cognitive Science: Uneasy Bedfellows or Comareds in Arms?" (2008)
"Preface" of the book Embedded Thinking: Multimedia and the New Rationality (2008)
"Philosophical Aspects of Multimedia Communication: Towards a New Rationality" (2007)
"Contexts: Basic and Metaphoric" (2007)
"Old Patterns, New Bewitchments" (2007)
"Being Mobile: Cognitive Multiplicity" (2006)
"Changing Media: A Perennial Challenge for Philosophy"(2003)

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