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Co-ordinating the Hungarian Response to the Challenge of the Information Society

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Report in the "Magyar Nemzet" on the Study
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Worldwide ICT Skills Gap problem summarised by Veronika Lengyel; based on a Conference held in Helsinki
Presentation on the Internet Galaxis'2000 by Veronika Lengyel
"eEurope - a Web of Knowledge" (Lisbon, April the 10th of 2000)
Presentation at the Neumann Conference in Eger by Veronika Lengyel text and ppt
Report on the INET2000 Global Summit of the Internet Society in Yokohama
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Some helpful materials prepared for users on InfoSociety - ICT page

Compiled the Hungarian Status Riport for JHLC

The latest Hungarian Status Riport, 2000 and Matrix prepared by the coordination of the Strategic Working Committee of the ITB for the European Ministerial Conference. The Conference organised by JHLC entitled "Information Society: Accelerating European Integration" will take place in Warsaw on 11-12 May 2000. Report on the Conference.
eplus.picture At the occasion of the launch of the eEurope+ (eEurope Plus) 2003 Action Plan on 16 June 2001 in Gothenburg, the European Commission warmly welcomed the political undertaking of the Heads of State of the EU Candidate Countries to embrace the challenges of the knowledge-based economy. The "eEurope+ 2003" Action Plan aims to assist in accelerating reform and modernisation of the economies in the Candidate Countries through the use of Information Society technologies and tools. It is mirrored on the "eEurope 2002" Action Plan of the EU-15 but with additions and changes of the objectives, actions and timetable to reflect the economic and social situation in the Candidate Countries.

Lengyel Veronika : The World of the INTERNET

ComputerBooks 1995, ISBN 963 618 061 X (284 pages)


Editor: Lengyel Veronika
Publisher's reader: Martos Balázs
Authors: Lengyel Veronika (
Pásztor Miklós ( Tétényi István (

First comprehensive book on Internet in Hungarian
Published in July 1995; Second edition: January 1996
5 reprints; more than 20.000 copies sold;
On the Bookshop's toplist in 1996; Last appeared in 1999;

Contents and more information

The book was reviewed many times (e.g. in the "Technika" magazine and in the Magyar Hirlap).

Symposium of Collegium St.Ignatius and recalling some subjective impressions in frame of the symposium about Loyola and the unexpected encounter with a Cafeehouse named Xanadu there.

Encounter with Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh (Father of the Fuzzy Logic) and getting a copy of his "Computer Science Commencement Address" with an personal dedication at the top of the page.

listserv.picture Having prepared some helpful materials about LISTSERV, 1993-97

academy.picture Set up the first Web server of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1996

niif.picture Set up the Gopher server of the NIIF Programme, 1995

earn.pictureSet up the Gopher and WWW server of the EARN, 1994-96 - Out of Service

Qualifications and Job experiences of Mrs. Veronika Lengyel

Graduated: Msc. Mathematics, Eötvös University, Budapest:

-2000 certification in the state administration for public servants (advanced level)
-2000 specialising in the language of Accession to the EU (International House)
-2000,Cyprus: Managing EU membership: An Intensive Programme for Senior Civil Servants
-1998 preparation of the Accession to the EU (Institute of the Hungarian Public Administration)
-1997 certification in the state administration for public servants (basic level)
-1992 certification in German (medium level), Goethe Institute, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
-1989 certification in technical English (medium level)
-1975 certification in system programming (SZAMOK)

Job experiences:

1998 - Prime Minister’s Office (E-Government Centre, previously Government Comissioner's Office for ICT, Office of the Deputy State Secretary for Informatics)
Senior Counsellor of Government, Deputy General Director of Strategy and Coordination for ICT

1996 - 1998 OMFB (Committee for Technological Development: Senior Advisor, Deputy General Director of IKTA (Applications for Information and Communications Technology) preparing the call for tender of IKTA1, consulting different issues concerning the Information Society, OMFB representative of the Operative Committee of the National Information Infrastructure Program.

1989 - 1996 MTA SZTAKI (Automation and Computer Science Institute of Hungarian Academy of Sciences) researcher: systemprogramming, consulting in IBM mainframe environment, developing mail-gateway between the Hungarian mail system ELLA and the EARN (European Academic Research Network), building and maintaining Gopher Server of the National Information Infrastructure Programme, Web server of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the EARN gopher and web servers. Got Research Award of the MTA SZTAKI 1996. Stay in Germany (1989-1992).

1982-1989 Researcher at the Teleprocessing Department of Software house SZAMALK dealing with the topic of teleprocessing and system programming (VTAM/NCP, VSAM, SHADOW/GUTS - UK product similar to CICS/CMS), and senior lecturer at the System Programmer Department of SZAMALK / SZAMOK (International Software Educational Centre) lecturing ASSEMBLER, MACRO, PL1-OPTIMISING computer languages and teleprocessing access methodes (BTAM, TCAM) and interactive user monitor (GUTS) for systemprogrammers.

1979-1982 Head of system design at the Software house OKISZ.

Previously systemprogrammer and scientific co-worker solving mathematical and systemprogramming problems at MAVEMI, VSZFT (Engineer Office of the Hungarian Chemical Industry) in IBM-360 DOS and GIER ALGOL environment and lecturing mathematics at the Technical University of Budapest.

Latest duties at the Prime Minister Offices:

-Co-ordinating Hungarian Strategy for the Information Society and preparing Information Strategy on Governmental level
"Hungarian Answer to the Challenges of the Information Society" Study of Experts, 1999;
"eHungary Action Plan, 2001" Hungarian Contribution to the "eEurope+ 2003" (European Strategy for Information Society in the Candidate Countries - analogy of the "eEurope 2002" for the Member States)
-Head of the Strategic Working Committee of the ITB (Inter-ministerial Committee for IT)
-Head of the IDA Working Committee of the ITB (Inter-ministerial Committee for IT)
-Hungarian Representative of the IDA TAC Committee of the European Union
-Hungarian Representative of the EU-CEEC JHLC

Subject of interest

All issues of Information/Knowledge-based Society and the INTERNET
International, National and Governmental Information Strategies, Education and IT skill,
Research and Development, Technology Foresight Programmes, Knowledgemanagement